Board Membership Responsibilities and Eligibility Criteria

Applications for the 2025 AFP Chicago Board are open.
Please contact John Augustyniak with any questions.

Nomination DEADLINE: July 31, 2024
Application DEADLINE: August 30, 2024

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Members of the Board of Directors develop the policies for the Chicago Chapter and monitor the execution of those policies. The Board determines its present and future direction including long-range planning, fundraising, governance, financial management, and personnel policy. In addition, AFP Chicago expects of all Board members the following:

  • To be committed to the mission of AFP Chicago and support the advancement and development of fundraisers;
  • To maintain active AFP membership during service on the Board of Directors;
  • To promote the mission, vision, and key messages of the Chapter;
  • To ensure financial solvency and adhere to fiduciary responsibilities related to annual Chapter activities;
  • To attend all required Board meetings;
  • To serve as a Chair of one Board Committee or participate on a committee or special project, as assigned by the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, or Chair of Directorship;
  • To complete and submit on a timely basis all reports or forms appropriate to the Board position;
  • To sign the Conflict of Interest Statement and uphold its beliefs and values;
  • To participate in the annual evaluation of the Board of Directors and ongoing Board development process, including nominations of Board leadership and Committee Chairs as appropriate;
  • To lead/participate in annual planning, budgeting, and leadership orientation activities;
  • To support the efforts of the officers and chairs by actions such as 1) reviewing committee recommendations and materials presented to the Board of Directors; 2) encouraging fundraising professionals to join AFP; and 3) encouraging member and nonmember participation in Chapter programs;
  • To ensure that all activities are in adherence with the Chapter’s bylaws, policies, and procedures;
  • To annually support the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy with a gift;
  • To support AFP Chicago’s efforts to embrace and engage diverse individuals, groups, and organizations within the fundraising profession;
  • To serve as an ambassador of AFP Chicago, and to the extent possible, AFP broadly; and
  • To promote understanding of the significance of philanthropy.

Directors and Officers of the Chapter shall exhibit the highest ethical and professional standards of the fundraising profession in their employment and participation in the Chapter. AFP Chicago recognizes the CFRE credential and similar professional certifications as such standards. The Chapter encourages Officers and Directors to hold such credentials as they hold office.

AFP Chicago believes that the most diverse Board of Directors is the strongest Board of Directors. The Chicago Chapter recruits Board members that reflect the broader Chicago community and the many viewpoints and experiences brought to this volunteer service.

Board Member Financial Expectations (Required)

  • AFP/AFP Chicago membership dues ($405 Professional; $95 Young Professional)
  • A gift, of any size, to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy’s Be the Cause campaign

Additional Financial Expectations

  • Chicago Philanthropy Awards ticket ( approx. $150)
  • Education programs registration ( approx. $30 per event)
  • Ticket to annual member meeting/breakfast program (approx. $125)