The Importance of Staying Up To Date on Your Donor's Activities

iwaveAre you focused on finding your next major gift? Are you seeking new ways to engage your prospects and donors? We all know it’s crucial to stay up to date with your donors so you can engage with them at the right time and with the right ask. Knowing this, it’s still difficult to find the time to manually research each donor of interest and keep track of their activity.

Researching each interesting donor by hand can be time-consuming and inefficient. That’s why iWave created Smart Alerts!

What Are Smart Alerts?

Smart Alerts are actionable intelligence on your donors that iWave detects from key data sources. Enabling users to set alerts to receive the most current fundraising intelligence. This accurate and timely data empowers fundraisers to act with speed, efficiency, and precision and ensures they always present the best ask at the best time.

Why Leverage Smart Alerts?

It’s simple, you need to maximize your efforts!

Imagine your prospect is a lower giver, this could be because you haven’t identified a history of giving. Suddenly, because you set an alert on this donor, you notice they make a substantial donation to a nonprofit with a similar mission to yours. This is a great opportunity to prioritize this individual and start working on turning them into a major gift prospect!

Alerts can help you nurture relationships with your prospects. For example, say you get alerted to property changes, this timely intel may indicate that it’s a good time to secure that gift you’ve been hoping for.

Smart Alerts ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities, providing you the confidence that your processes will be drawing on the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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